Few Words About Us

We were officially born in 2012. But before that while we were gathering much-needed experience, weexisted in various shapes, motions and frames. Founded by cinematographer Nemanja Pavlovic, Eighty Four Frames was initially small motion graphic studio which eventually grew into full service production house.

Combining filmmaking techniques with advertising, we specialized ourselves for TV Commercials andcorporate production. Our strength is concentrated on local industry and advertising agencies, and ways how to help them promote their clients, products and services.

Thanks to our partners worldwide, we delivered many projects across Europe and Asia. Also we are well prepared to host and co-produce or service foreign production houses right here in Serbia.

Why are we make the difference?

Since the beginning, even if we had a strenght to grow faster, we have never chased mass production.We did not want our projects to look like each other, nor to look like the works of the competition. On the contrary, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to each client to the maximum and make them feel as if we were there just for them, so that's why we are making the difference.